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Twitch Partner | RPer on NoPixel | 📧 [email protected] | 🏳️‍🌈 She / Her - LGBTQ+ 💖💛💙.

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xQc is banned from NoPixel from LivestreamFail. The drama started when xQc attacked a cop but the cop was still sharing information about who the culprit was despite being dead. xQc then accused the dead cop of metagaming saying, “This guy is metagaming while dead”. This resulted in the other user’s chat getting flooded by xQc viewers.

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The streamer wound up getting banned from the server for a day, and he ranted for several moments on Twitch about the situation. “Stop forcing your s**t, because you can win, because you can win.

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But based on jjhassert's Reddit post, $100 real-life currency gets you 90 Dev Coins. ... Thankfully it's easy to report these users in-game and get them banned. Who plays on the NoPixel GTA RP.

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Now the gamer has been banned from the NoPixel GTA online server and it happens to be a three-day temporary ban from the server. There have been no official announcements about KylieBitkin being banned from the game.. Female Twitch streamer mass-reported and banned after visiting a fictional GTA nudist camp. Ed Nightingale May 28, 2021.

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