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Splunk dashboard documentation

A tool to generate static documentation bundles using Splunk UI components. Code Quality. ESLint Config. @ splunk /eslint-config. A standardized configuration for checking JavaScript for common errors and style. Rapidly create dashboards that pull together charts, maps, and filters to display the full picture of your data. Build customized.

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I'm new in Splunk and I want to know, how can I create an app and how can I create a public dashboard. I have noticed here in my job that I don't have some options and always have to create a new dashboard, this is created as private and I have no found a way to change it to public. If someone has documentation, could share with me, please?. 9.0.0 (latest release) Documentation Splunk ® Enterprise Dashboards and Visualizations Create a dashboard Download topic as PDF Create a dashboard Dashboards are created in the context of a particular app. For example, if you are using the Search and Reporting app, dashboards use this app context.

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Has anyone found where the Splunk 6.5.0 keyboard commands and shortcuts live within the documentation? This pertains to both search writing and formatting as well as editing simple xml dashboards/forms. I see references to the commands in the Splunk Enterprise 6.5 Overview app, but I'm looking for the consolidated list within the documentation.

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The Metrics dashboard displays a variety of performance statistics, in various customizable graphs, for any number of hosts in your Content Pack.

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Splunk Dashboard Studio provides tools to customize dashboards in Splunk, such as designing your dashboard's layout, colors, images, and more. Dashboard Studio is included with Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud Platform as a default application. Disabling this default application may lead to unpredictable behavior.

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