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Xilinx axi dma

The CC-PDMA-AXI-AXI is a synthesisable Verilog model of a peripheral direct memory access controller. The PDMA core can be efficiently implemented on FPGA and ASIC technologies. IP Provider: Give the best exposure to your IPs, by listing your products for free in the world's largest Silicon IP catalog (6 500 products from more than 400 companies).

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May 13, 2019 · Examining Xilinx's AXI demonstration core. May 13, 2019. Fig 1: A Universal Software Radio Peripheral. Years ago, I remember sitting next to an engineer who was working with the FPGA device on a Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP). His job that day was to place his design on that device and then to interact with it.. The DMA will write back to the output_buffer from the AXI stream slave. The AXI streams are connected in loopback so that after sending and receiving data via the DMA the contents of the input buffer will have been transferred to the output buffer. Note that when instantiating a DMA, the default maximum transaction size is 14-bits (i.e. 2^14.

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Xilinx DMA的几种方式与架构. 1、 在PL内部无PS(CPU这里统一称为PS)持续干预搬移数据,常见的接口形态为AXIS与AXIAXIAXI;. 2、 从PL与PS之间搬移数据,对于ZYNQ就比较好理解,属于单个芯片内部接口,对于PCIe等其它接口,会稍微复杂一些,属于多个芯片之间的.

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The AXI DMAC is a high-speed, high-throughput, general purpose DMA controller intended to be used to transfer data between system memory and other peripherals like high-speed converters. Features Supports multiple interface types.

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The primary benefit DMA vs the AXI master is dealing of scatter/gather DMA details. Remember for user space software, buffers are generally virtual. A logically continuous buffer is likely physically discontinuous. That is data may be at physical addresses 0-100, 400-500, 10000-11000, etc. Both the hardware and supplied driver deal with that.

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